World Languages

The World Language Honors Program seeks to develop language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) that are useful in themselves and can be applied to various activities and disciplines. Included in the study of French and Spanish at the advanced levels are knowledge of French and Spanish culture, theatre, civilization and the study of unabridged literature.

It is encouraged that students who excelled in a middle school language matriculate at the Level 2 stage of a program. Students who are native speakers or who have studied one of our languages through an intensive program outside of the school or who may have lived abroad may test into a higher level than the grade level stated below with the approval of the Department Supervisor and the Director of School Counseling. The student must complete a Course Placement Application and will need to pass a final exam to be placed at the proper level.

French and Spanish courses will be conducted for the most part in the target language. Students will be expected to take notes in the target language, ask and answer questions with ease and comprehend lectures in the language. Students will read, make oral presentations, and write in the language.
Seniors will be encouraged to take the Advanced Placement exam in French or Spanish language.