10th Grade Service Hours

At MLHS, we believe students need to be prepared to live as engaged, global citizens. One major component of all US History 1 courses is the MLHS Service Hours project. Specifically, 10th-grade students are required to complete fifteen hours of volunteer work. (SCROLL DOWN FOR SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES.)

To demonstrate your completion of the program, students will (1) collect verification forms and (2) write a short reflection piece. Although students will be graded on their work, this project is to be completed on each student’s own time outside of direct teacher supervision.

To earn full credit for the project, the following must be submitted:

1. A reflection must be written and it can be based on any of the topics outlined in this GoogleDoc.

2. A "service verification form" for each activity should be completed & signed by an adult supervisor. REMINDER: Get the form before each activity & have the form completed at the time of each activity. This practice will avoid confusion at the end of the year. This form is available to you virtually here, but we also have copies in the MLHS main office. If you want a PDF so your supervisor can type in the information, then click on the PDF below.

3. The service activity must be performed during this current year, beginning in summer 2018. I will also be sending updates and opportunities to this site periodically and I will email the entire 10th grade of any updates as well.

4. Updates will be listed below as they come up.


10th Grade Service Hours


Verification PDF

This form allows your supervisor to complete the PDF electronically, making it easier to email back and forth.

Service Opportunities

Portraits by the Lake Fundraiser
Volunteer help needed for Portraits by the Lake Fundraiser in September and October. Please click the link below to sign up to volunteer on the weekends. 


Denville String Band Looking for Members

The Denville String Band is a local concert and marching band that has been around for over 60 years. The band marches in parades and plays concerts all around the region. This volunteer opportunity can be used for sophomore service hours.

There are 2 requirements:

1. Volunteers Must be able to play competently one of their instruments. Our instruments are saxophones (all varieties), clarinets, strummed banjos, guitars, accordion, string bass, drums. No need to be an expert, but not a beginner either. No brass instruments like trumpets or trombones. Competently means able to read music, play in various keys, and play at a brisk tempo.

2. Be available on Monday evenings for rehearsals and jobs. Most concerts are Monday nights 7:30-8:30 somewhere nearby. Rehearsals are Monday nights from 7:30-9:00 PM on nights when the band does not have a gig. Rehearsals take place at their Band House in Denville at 10 Station Rd. No need to attend every rehersal, but it is encouraged to rehearse with the band before a concert or parade.

Candidates have to be able to get to the Band House for rehersals. For concerts and parades transportation from the Band House is provided.

The website is http://denvillestringband.com/

To sign up or ask any questions please contact Andrew Bulfer at abulfer@optonline.net


iCan: Tech or Seniors

The Mountain Lakes Public Library is looking for students who can help our local senior citizens who need help learning to use their iPhone, iPad, and Kindles. Minimal technology skills needed!

If you are interested please contact the Mountain Lakes Library Director, Mrs. Jennifer Lynch.


Victoria Mews Volunteers - All Year

You can volunteer and spend time with some of older neighbors at the Victoria Mews Assisted Living Center in Boonton. To volunteer, contact Karen Dee at Victoria Mews.